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Dadeland Framing, a friendly, family-owned framing shop here in Kendall.

What we offer is simple:

  • Very reasonable pricing.
  • A passion to help you showcase your art or heirlooms.
  • A huge inventory of framing materials, from metals to wood to plastic, matted or glass framed.
  • Years of experience to help you choose materials and formats.

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Customer Reviews for Dadeland Custom Framing

I've been working with these guys for so many years. They came to my house and brought me samples and really went out of their way to help me. They put closet sized mirrors up for us. From one day to another they were up and my wife and I were so pleased with the final result.
Michael G.
Mirrors Miami
I have never framed anything before but Steve and his staff made it a very easy first experience. I was amazed with the amount of samples he had! It was almost impossible to choose one. Steven offered to make a custom piece on his own and I agreed that would be best. I come back a week later to find my graduation frame more beautiful than I could imagine.
Emily M.
Miami, FL
These guys are awesome and make you feel like home. Won't oversell you. They will tell you what you do and don't need And for that, they have earned a lifelong customer!
Stephen G.
Palmetto Bay, FL


Custom Framing & What it Means to Us

Custom framing is a way of appreciating a photo from a memory too valuable to forget.

  • a swim meet wristband coached by your favorite role model,
  • your daughter’s 15th birthday shoes, the graduation photo after many years of dedication,
  • your grandmothers charm necklace passed long the family,
  • the winning football of your senior highschool year, outstanding artwork created by a young child,
  • fabulous vacation memories,
  • the poster from your favorite concert

We give the time, commitment and attention your precious memory deserves. So preserve that special memory so that it may be handed down from generation to generation.

Framing Samples

We provide an amazing supply of samples which are available in the store. This allows you to highlight your art pieces or any memorable photograph.

Here at Dadeland Framing, we provide a wide range of custom framing options.

From wooden, colorful, matte, antique, glossy, rustic and many more framing samples, Dadeland Framing has the ability to satisfy all of your custom framing needs from residential to commercial services.

We offer:

  • Closed corner frames imported from Italy
  • Round frames from Canada or
  • Lucite sight frames sent from Chicago

All of these can emphasize any room. With over 5,000 frame samples to choose from, we can exceed your small or large project needs.

LED Shadow Boxes

Our proudest speciality has become LED Framing. The LED lights lining the inside of the shadow box delivers a climactic accent and “wow” factor to the noteworthy item.

This is a rare craft in the framing community and we enjoy putting our hearts into this design.

With built-in LED’s presenting multiple patterns, it will give your project an outstanding presentation in any way the owner desires such as:

  • multicolor strobe,
  • flashing,
  • fading between hues and create custom setting per button.

Adding LED’s to your frame makes it as if you have a new design each time you adjust the setting. This additional feature can achieve a romantic, relaxing, or exhilarating mood to your space.

The Process

During our consultation, we take the time to understand your needs. In addition, we will discuss innovative ways to exceed your expectations. All of this while remaining within your budget.

From adding a photo of yourself behind your freshly painted artwork or the original photo behind the restored picture, we make this project as memorable as possible.

We match the perfect matte and frame that will make your memorabilia pop and become the highlight to any room. Once your custom framing piece is complete we can assist with on-site displaying consultations, delivery and installation services.

Contact Dadeland Framing

Tel. (305) 667-1679

9400 South Dixie Hwy Miami Fl 33156

    Dadeland Framing, a friendly, family-owned framing shop here in Kendall. No custom framer in South Florida offers you a more beautiful, custom framing job! And our prices have always been very reasonable. When you have meaningful and beautiful art, you want to showcase it. And there is no better way to do that than with a custom frame. Here at Dadeland Framing, we are the experts in customization no matter what you want to display. We have a huge inventory of framing materials that will give you the look and feel you want. From metals to wood to plastic, matted or glass framed, we have what you need. Or if you don’t quite know what you are looking for, our framers can offer suggestions based on what you’re framing and where it will hang. 

    We have years of experience to help you choose materials and formats that will help your pieces shine. Whether your piece is big or small, we can create a frame that will beautifully display your artwork, photographs, sports jerseys, and more. If you want to frame something, it is important that your framing showcases and honors what’s in the frame. Let our experts help you choose the perfect framing options that do just that! When you give us a call, you will be connected directly to our owner, Andrea, so you can expect immediate attention to your inquiry.

    So don’t wait. Call now!